Who Is Your Perfect Caregiver?

With age comes the importance of considering long-term care options and choosing a plan that is best suited to our unique needs and preferences. There are a variety of home care services that suit the unique needs of each individual and allow him or her to maintain his or her independence as much as possible. Planning ahead is important and can have real benefits for you and your senior loved ones.

Services can be provided by a non-medical home care agency, a Medicare-certified home health agency, a placement/referral agency, a privately hired caregiver, or a family member. Oftentimes individuals find navigating long-term care options confusing and difficult. For instance, a family caregiver may be the most cost-effective option when caring for an aging loved one, but there are several downsides to this solution including higher rates of depression (40-70%) among family caregivers and lack of professional training. Below, you can read about the Pros and Cons associated with private hires, family caregivers and reputable home care agencies.

Private Hire Price: Costs, at least initially, may be lower Burden of Responsibility: The family or senior is responsible as employer for the private hire and will have to adhere to local employment laws, including paying unemployment wages to dismissed caregiversLiability:Private hire caregivers are typically not bonded and insuredLack of Oversight: If the private hire is unavailable for any reason, the senior may be left alone and the family may not be apprised. Furthermore, there is limited management of the caregiver’s time while she is workingProfessionalism: Private caregivers typically do not have the same training in areas related to aging, health and quality of life issues
Home Care Agency Liable for Caregivers: A reputableagency will be the sole employer of their caregivers and manage taxes, insurance, liability, etc.Caregiver Compatibility: A top agency will hire only the best caregivers and have a team of expertly trained caregivers to match with the seniorExperts: The best agencies are up-to-date on aging trends in health and wellness  and will constantly train their caregivers to provide the highest caliber care for their clientsResources: Reputable home care agencies will have well-defined scheduling and backup procedures so that there is constant monitoring and care management and the senior is never at risk for being left without care Costs: Many of the top agencies may not accept Medicare or other types of insurance, so out of pocket costs can be higher. Some agencies do accept Long-Term Care Insurance (LTC).
Family Caregiver Comfort: Knows the senior best and the senior may initially feel most comfortable having a family member provide his or her care Time Management: Caregiving responsibilities are often added to family,social and career responsibilities for the family caregiver, adding stress and pressureExtremely high burnout rates: Stress-related physical and emotional impacts such as back pain and depression. On average, around 55% of family caregivers have symptoms of depressionInexperience: Lack of formal training can prevent the senior from receiving the best possible care and optimal wellbeing


Of course, these pros and cons should only be considered a guide in determining the best possible care for your loved one; all caregivers are wonderful companions, but finding the best match given the individual’s specific circumstances and preferences is the most important goal. With that said, understanding the risks and benefits associated with each of the different in-home care options is important and necessary in making a well-informed decision when it comes time to choosing a caregiver for your loved one.

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