Senior Care Spring Activities

Spring Activities to do with Your Senior Loved One

Good news, everyone: winter is behind us! It seems like it took forever, but spring has arrived, and with it, longer days with a lot more sunshine. This is a relief for everyone but is particularly appreciated by older people who have been cooped up all winter. If you’re providing senior care for a loved one in your life, you can help them get a jump on spring with any one (or more) of these fun activities.

  • Enjoy a Walk — Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, and few little things are more beneficial than walking. When you join your loved one for a walk around the neighborhood or nearby park, you’re both getting exercise, fresh air, and much-needed vitamin D.
  • See Some Friends — It’s easier to get out during the spring, so now’s the time to cancel that Zoom call, and actually see friends and family in person! You can make this happen by scheduling the date and providing transportation. You can even sweeten the deal by bringing snacks and drinks for the whole gang!
  • Gardening — Spring is just the right season for planting a new garden. Gardening is a perfect activity for seniors. The work of cutting, pruning, and planting requires exercise, and engagement with the natural world, both of which boost the mood. Also, your loved one will discover there’s nothing quite as satisfying as enjoying the fruits of their labor with fresh flowers or vegetables.
  • Learn a New Skill — If your elderly relative has some free time (and retirement is all about free time), they might love the idea of learning a new skill or hobby. Check the local community college or senior center schedule and see what kinds of classes they have to offer. If they have something you both like, you could join in. After all, education is a lifelong endeavor.
  • Spring Clean — A freshly cleaned home makes a person feel better about their environment. This is especially valuable for seniors who might have trouble with the physical aspects of housekeeping. Help your loved one break out of the doldrums that an unkempt home can create by joining them on a spring cleaning. Inviting other family members to join will make the work faster and more fun!

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No one appreciates the work and attention that goes into providing senior care more than someone like you. Because you’re part of the process on a daily basis, you know that caring for an elderly loved one is both challenging, and rewarding.

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