6 Stocking Stuffers to Get for Seniors with Dementia in Carmel, IN

Top 6 Stocking Stuffers Seniors with Dementia Will Love

Families across the country traditionally engage in gift giving during the holidays. There is no reason why sharing camaraderie, love and memories cannot extend to an elderly family member living with dementia. Following are six thoughtful stocking stuffers dementia caregivers in Indianapolis can give to their loved ones.

1. CDs

Give the gift of memory by finding digital music from a favorite era, band or vocalist. Upon hearing the melodies, seniors often begin remembering people, places and events that occurred when the music was popularized. Indianapolis elderly care professionals believe that allowing them to reminisce about the past is a great way to spark conversations. 

2. Games or Puzzles

Activities stimulate many different areas of the brain simultaneously. The game of connecting tiles was specially designed for seniors that live with cognitive disorders. The game encourages players to match images by category or color. Smart puzzle books are another beneficial option. Each book contains hidden pictures, different/same challenges, mazes and image identification. 

3. Crafts

Sensory gifts that involve crafting stimulate multiple senses while helping to boost cognition and memory. These items might include something as simple as adult coloring books and crayons. Colorful, soft and fuzzy brain noodle kits are another option. 

4. Comfort Items

As seniors are commonly more sensitive to cooler temperatures, they often appreciate items that protect them from becoming chilled. Think brightly colored fleece or fuzzy throws, a warm bathrobe or a pair of cozy slippers to stick in their stockings. 

5. Special Remote Controls

Senior-friendly remote controls are designed with program locking technology that prevents altering the internal memory once set. Each device features easy-to-read numbers along with up and down arrows that enable older adults to quickly scan channels, select an individual channel, adjust the volume or turn the TV on/off even with dementia. 

6. Sweet Indulgences

Even elderly people enjoy indulging in a sweet treat now and then. Barring a senior with diabetes, consider gifting homemade cookies or candy made from a time-honored family recipe. Perhaps seasonal store-bought items are your loved one’s weakness. The delight might also spark hidden memories of past holidays. 

These gifts can all benefit seniors with cognitive disorders, but so can in-home care. Home Care Assistance provides compassionate Alzheimer’s and dementia home care seniors need to boost physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. To accomplish this, our highly trained caregivers implement our proprietary Cognitive Therapeutics Method. This revolutionary program promotes mental stimulation, delays the onset of dementia and encourages emotional wellbeing. Call (317) 581-1901 today to give your loved one the gift of in-home care.