How Knitting Can Benefit the Elderly in Carmel, IN

5 Surprising Ways Seniors Benefit from Knitting

The cold winter months are the perfect time to start learning a new hobby. Knitting is an excellent option for seniors because it is affordable, easy to learn and very beneficial. Indianapolis elder care providers believe that seniors who knit end up enjoying these five unexpected advantages.

1. Encourages Socialization

Knitting groups where seniors work together on large projects are very common. This can be a great way for a lonely senior to meet new friends and build an emotional bond with others. Since many seniors suffer from a lack of connectedness and socialization, the social interaction of knitting can be very uplifting.

2. Reduces Stress

A 2009 study from the University of British Columbia found that people with mental disorders who started knitting experienced reduced anxiety and depression levels. Knitting promotes a meditative state that allows the brain to focus on something simple instead of obsessing over concerns.

3. Offers a Sense of Accomplishment

Many seniors report that they feel aimless and unnecessary now that they no longer have jobs to occupy their time. Knitting provides an outlet for goal-driven seniors because they can spend their time producing a tangible clothing item that is useful.

4. Improves Hand Mobility

Seniors living with arthritis in the hands can greatly benefit from knitting because it is a very gentle finger exercise. Regularly moving the joints can help to increase mobility and prevent joints from aching during daily tasks. Seniors with Parkinson’s disease can also benefit from knitting because it helps them to practice fine motor functions.

5. Lowers Dementia Risks

A 2011 study by Dr. Yonas Geda at the Mayo Clinic examined over 1,0000 seniors and found that those who knitted regularly were less likely to suffer from memory loss or declining cognitive function. Practicing knitting patterns requires a level of focus that may help to activate the neural pathways and maintain brain function.

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