Dementia Care and Support for Families in Carmel, IN

Dementia is a cognitive disease that affects more than 5.6 million seniors in the United States. Because there is no cure or sound way to prevent it, we are forced to be masters at caring after a diagnosis.

But what if your loved one requires more time than you can give them?

Home Care Assistance of Carmel is a team of experts for dementia care and support for families. Our caregivers can be there to assist your loved one with their daily needs and help you better understand your role as their familial caregiver.

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How We Help: Living at Home With Dementia

With a helping hand, it is very possible for those with dementia to manage the illness and live successfully at home. This can be a great benefit to them, as living in a familiar space and being able to keep their daily routine can reduce anxiety as well as confusion.

What are other benefits a professional dementia care provider can offer?

  • Setting up a weekly routine that includes memory exercises and other fun activities to keep the mind stimulated
  • Monitoring of disease progress or behavior changes to determine the best next steps for care
  • Running errands and transportation to important appointments
  • Personal care and housekeeping services to keep them and their living space clean
  • Respite for family members acting as familial caregivers
  • Professional knowledge on how to work with those that have developed dementia

What You Can Do: How to Keep a Dementia Patient Safe

You don’t need to lay awake at night worrying that your loved one is wandering unsafely or has left on the stove.  There are many solutions out there for those seeking dementia care.

Protect your loved one by:

  • Storing potentially dangerous items such as sharp knives, chemicals, tools or medications in a cabinet or drawer with a childproof lock
  • Install safety knobs on appliances
  • Remove artificial food (fake fruit dishes, magnets, etc.) as they may appear edible
  • Remove other decorative objects, especially if fragile
  • Reduce the temperature on the water heater and install a shower head that indicates water temperature
  • Mark/decorate glass doors
  • Restrict access to vehicles, fireplaces, and pools
  • Avoid clutter
  • Install night lights

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