Marion County Offers You Advanced, Customized Senior Care Programs

If you’re visiting Marion County, Indiana, you’re in for a treat. If you live in Marion County… well, life is always good! Many residents of other states may think Indiana is very flat and full of smaller towns. But Marion County proves otherwise! It was among the top 55 most populated counties in the US and has a diverse population. Housing the city and state capitol, Indianapolis, residents of Marion County enjoy plenty of activities, like shopping, dining, entertainment, parks, and more.

We are extremely proud to be the leading senior home care provider in Marion County and the surrounding areas! There is nothing better than being actively engaged in the communities that we serve and giving seniors and their families the care they deserve. We treat each senior as an individual because no two seniors have the exact same needs. This allows building a personalized care plan for each family that results in a uniquely personal experience. All care plans are built based on medical needs, social needs, wellness goals, and preferred lifestyle.

Home Care Assistance of Marion County offers services to seniors needs who have both basic and advanced care requirements. For basic needs, we offer help with meal preparation, grocery shopping, running errands, housekeeping, bathing, and more. Our specialized services include care for Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, after-hospital care recovery, after-stroke recovery, and hospice care.

Why Choose Home Care Assistance in Marion County?

The Home Care Assistance difference really comes down to our caregivers and the level of care they provide. Our caregivers are skilled, qualified, and compassionate, and undergo extensive training. Prior to being selected for hire, they also have met our background check, reference check, and psychological requirements. We take special care when matching your senior to one of our caregivers, and we base our choice on both compatibility and personality.

Home Care Assistance of Marion County is proud to offer you total flexibility by providing services on an hourly basis or around-the-clock, depending on what your senior needs. Please call our seasoned caregivers today to learn more and schedule your consultation!