Vicki Shafer was a former elementary educator, worked in her family business and had recently celebrated a daughter’s marriage and the birth of her first grandchild.

But after the removal of a brain tumor, Vicki found that she had suffered damage affecting her cognitive response time and short-term memory. Frustrated with these new challenges and unwilling to accept this as a new way of life, Vicki and her husband turned to Home Care Assistance Indianapolis for assistance with daily living tasks. Together, we created a plan that would improve her circumstances.

In September 2015, Pamela Berg (Client Care Manager) offered the Cognitive Therapeutics Method® (CTM) as a means to improve Vicki’s memory and cognitive skills.   Pamela began sessions with Vicki 2/week focusing on exercises that challenged her across the following areas:

  • Language arts stimulus
  • Visual Spatial
  • Attention & Memory Exercises
  • Memory + Detail

Pamela also helped her with real-world exercises, planning grocery visits where they created a series of checklists for before, during and after the visit. Where she once felt flustered, CTM helped Vicki regain her sense of order in the store and accomplish exactly what she needed to in a more efficient and less daunting way.

As of December 2015, Vicki was thrilled to note that her hard work with Pamela had paid off, showing marked improvement in comprehension speed, memory and response.

Pamela notes that with her confidence restored following the CTM program, Vicki has returned to work for the family business as well as cares for her new grandchild on a regular basis.

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