Cell Phones for Seniors: Why Every Older Adult in Carmel, IN Should Have a Mobile Device

For most of us, we don’t think twice about our mobile devices and smartphones. They’re a way of life! It’s not often that we even come across others who do not have a mobile phone. And yet, there are many seniors who do not yet have one. But should they? Mobile devices and smart phones offer several major benefits to those who are in senior care! Below, we’re sharing several compelling reasons why every senior citizen in the Carmel area should have a mobile phone.

Staying Entertained

One of seniors’ greatest challenges while in senior care is to fight off feelings of boredom. The smartphone is ideal for this! They essentially provide non-stop entertainment. Seniors can browse any topic at their fingertips, listen to music or books, and even play games that stimulate the mind! Keeping busy and entertained is achievable with a smartphone.

Keeping in Touch

Again, when it comes to senior care, it’s easy for seniors to feel more isolated or cut off from others. Mobile and smartphones, however, put us in almost constant communication with one another. For this reason, they make great options for seniors who want to feel more connected to their family and friends. Phones these days have larger screens and voice command options. Phone calls, video chats, and text messages are easier than ever to manage. These technologies also make emergency calls much simpler should a senior be in danger.

Controlling Other Smart Devices

A smartphone is considered to be ‘smart’ for many reasons. A big one is that they can control other smart devices around the home! This is a huge plus for seniors who struggle with mobility and/or memory. Multiple devices can be managed from one single device. Seniors won’t have to move across the room to grab a TV remote, flip a light switch, or change the thermostat. They don’t even need to get up to go to the door with virtual doorbells and smart locks!

If you are ready to learn more about mobile phone benefits for seniors and our senior care services, please reach out to our expert caregivers today. At Home Care Assistance of Carmel, we are ready to schedule your consultation and develop a customized plan.