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6 Unique Ways to Manage Caregiver Burnout

Caring for an elderly loved one can be an overwhelming task, which is why caregivers need outlets to relieve their stress. For some, this could be a weekly exercise class or a fulfilling hobby. For others, it could be attending a monthly support group for caregivers. However, not all caregivers are the same, and some […]

5 Older Philanthropists You Should Know

Contrary to popular belief, some of the wealthiest people in the world remain devoted to helping their communities. Some spend their fortunes creating beneficial foundations, while others enjoy donating their time to special causes or construct educational, medical, or recreational facilities. Philanthropic endeavors are wide and varied, and many incredible philanthropists happen to be seniors.  […]

8 Mentally Stimulating Hobbies for Seniors

While some hobbies tend to be mindless forms of entertainment, others are very beneficial. Quite a few different pastimes can enhance cognitive health, reduce stress, and even boost self-esteem. These eight brain-boosting hobbies are all good options for seniors who are looking for new ways to fill their days.  1. Gardening Gardening is a beneficial […]