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Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

Is your gym membership still on pause during the pandemic? If so, it’s not a problem anymore! For seniors who are looking for fitness alternatives, you can get active right in your home. Read on below for some of our favorite at-home exercises perfect for seniors! Stretch It Out Regardless of if you’re stretching before […]

Senior Lifestyle Factors That Improve Brain Health

Here is something that is equally as important as your physical health as we age: Your brain health! It’s easy to overlook the various lifestyle factors that play important roles in maintaining a healthy brain. However, as seniors, it should be a priority! Below, we’re talking through the top factors that can help your brain […]

Tips for Seniors to Stay Active in the Winter

Here in Carmel, Indiana, winter is in full swing! A typical winter in the area includes cold temperatures, plenty of snowfall, and ice! Rather than viewing the season as a challenge to staying active, we’re going to help you embrace winter instead and look forward to new opportunities! Below, read through our favorite tips for […]

Tips to Care for a Loved One with Parkinson’s Disease

If you have just recently learned that your senior loved one has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, you are probably wondering: What comes next? This can be a new, scary chapter for your senior and family facing many unknowns. While this disease has no known cure, hope is never lost. Below, you can learn several […]

How to Help Your Senior Plan for the New Year

Most of us are thrilled to see 2020 on its way out and welcome a fresh start in the new year. 2021 is an excellent time to create new goals and get excited about healthier opportunities – especially for seniors! What better time to implement a better quality of life? All over the world, people […]

How to Talk to a Loved One with Dementia

It is not an easy thing to watch your senior loved one with dementia struggle to have a conversation or with their communication. Your senior, too, might even become frustrated with the task. Dementia, unfortunately, affects your senior’s ability to focus, think, understand, and respond while having a conversation. But there are ways you can […]

How to Recognize Mental Health Problems in the Elderly

Recognizing the signs of mental illnesses in those who are struggling with them is an essential part of watching out for your loved one in senior care. Sadly, mental illnesses all too often go unnoticed and are very easy to overlook. This is especially true when it comes to anxiety and depression, which seniors are […]

How to Keep Seniors Safe During Severe Weather

During severe weather, which has been harsher and more frequent across the US over the last several years, seniors are a group that is particularly at risk. Hurricanes, wildfires, and tornadoes have been more rampant, and your senior should have a plan in place to get them to safety during an emergency. Below, you can […]

How To Help Seniors Lower Their Fall Risks

There is nothing too good for your senior loved one. We understand…and we agree! From excellent senior care services to professional and qualified caregivers – your senior should have it all. We also believe in making safety a top priority, especially when your senior is aging in the comfort of their own home. There are […]