Cognitive Therapeutics Method™ 

The Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM) is a patent-pending cognitive stimulation program developed by the scientific division of Home Care Assistance.

The program aims to improve quality of life by enhancing mental acuity as well as to delay onset and slow the progression of symptoms of cognitive decline.

About CTM Activities

CTM activities were developed by our expert team based on scientific research on non-pharmacological interventions for cognitive decline. They are consistently updated to reflect the latest findings and best practices.

Activities target a wide array of cognitive domains including:

  • memory
  • executive functioning
  • attention
  • language
  • visual spatial perception
  • as well as some non-cognitive domains

Varying levels of difficulty making the program appropriate for all clients, from those who are not yet affected by cognitive impairment to those with more severe symptoms. The activities are designed to be fun and stimulating. The focus of the program is not on getting the “right” answer, but on engaging and reasoning.

Implementing the program one-on-one in the comfort of home allows clients to function optimally by avoiding the confusion and distress that come with an unfamiliar environment.

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