Senior Lifting Weights

Simple Exercises Seniors Can Do at Home

Is your gym membership still on pause during the pandemic? If so, it’s not a problem anymore! For seniors who are looking for fitness alternatives, you can get active right in your home. Read on below for some of our favorite at-home exercises perfect for seniors!

Stretch It Out

Regardless of if you’re stretching before or after your workout, it’s essential. Stretching helps your muscles to brace for the impact of your workout by getting them limbered up. If you’re looking for more serious stretching to improve your balance, coordination, and strength, you can dive into the world of yoga!

Lifting Light Weights

All you need is a pair of 2-3 pound dumbbells. If that isn’t an option, find objects around your home that weigh the same amount! Using light weights is great for a good arm workout. Low weights and high repetitions will help you tone your muscles right up.

Cardio and Aerobics

When it comes to cardio, you probably go right to walking or running. But you can change things up and have fun by doing something different like dancing and jumping rope, too! All of these activities are great aerobics and help you get your heart rate climbing and work to build your stamina and endurance.

Calisthenics and Props

Sometimes you don’t need anything else besides your body to do a few exercises. Body workouts are known as calisthenics! Squats and push-ups are great examples. Still, these aren’t always easy, so getting some assistance from a prop can be helpful.

Sometimes all you need for a good exercise is just your body! Calisthenics are body weight exercises, like squats and push-ups. While you don’t need any props or objects for these, they can be helpful if you need extra support or assistance. For example, a chair is great for squats. Stand in front of the chair, bend your knees, and lower yourself onto it. Then stand back up. Repeat the motion. You can use any wall to help with push-ups. Stand a few feet away and place your hands flat on the wall. Lower yourself towards the wall, and then push away from it again to complete the movement.

Are you in need of even more simple ways to get your workout in at home? We’re here to help! Call Home Care Assistance of Carmel for all of your senior care needs. Our friendly Care Managers are here to give advice and to help you schedule your consultation.

Seniors Playing Chess

Senior Lifestyle Factors That Improve Brain Health

Here is something that is equally as important as your physical health as we age: Your brain health! It’s easy to overlook the various lifestyle factors that play important roles in maintaining a healthy brain. However, as seniors, it should be a priority! Below, we’re talking through the top factors that can help your brain stay active and healthy as you grow older.

Get Good Sleep

First, let’s cover the basics. You need to get a good night’s sleep. Rest is critical to allow your brain to wake up refreshed the next day! For seniors, it’s recommended to try and get at least 8 hours of good, deep sleep each night.

Stay Active

When staying physically active, you’re also helping to keep your mind active. Getting daily exercise, even just going out for a walk, can help both your body and mind grow stronger. Activities like this rid feelings of depression or anxiety, while simultaneously releasing feel-good endorphins for your brain.


How about writing it out? Grab a journal and practice the art of writing out your daily feelings, thoughts, and annoyances. It can be extremely therapeutic to release these things through writing and gets rid of the stress of the day. Reduced stress = a happier brain!

Eat and Drink Healthy

As a senior, try to be intentional about what you are fueling your body with. You’ll want more good things like Vitamin C, so get your oranges, peppers, or vitamins! Drink plenty of water, too. Make sure you’re getting the proper daily intake, so you stay hydrated. Try lessening your caffeine intake for the day. You can do this by making the switch from coffee to tea.

Talk to Other People

Putting yourself out there to have conversations and connect with like-minded people often is great for your brain health! One good way to do this is to join a local club or organization to help yourself stay social and talking to others regularly.

There is always a friendly Care Manager here at Home Care Assistance of Carmel to help you. Please give us a call today if you’re looking for more advice on boosting senior brain health or would like more details about our senior care services!