In Home Care Tips: Creating a Safer Home for Your Aging Loved Ones

Your senior loved one is aging in the comfort of their own home surrounded by familiarity, and nothing is more important than making sure they are safe at all times! There are quite a few methods that you can use to create a safer environment for your senior – especially if they live alone. Below, we are sharing our best in-home care tips you can be sure your senior is safe and living their best life.

Observe & Update

Walkthrough the Home

Your first step is to pay close attention to details and make observations while you are completing a thorough walkthrough of your senior’s home. Move slowly and really take your time to note any potential hazards or risks. This can include making sure your senior has clear pathways in the home that are free from clutter or poorly arranged furniture and rugs.

Make Necessary Updates

Once you have completed your walk through and are ready to make the needed updates throughout the home, it is time to get to work! In addition to your own notes, you can also consider some of the most common upgrades: Installing handrails above the toilets and in the showers for stability; and switching out rugs or mats with ones that have anti-slip material to decrease fall hazards.

Take Extra Precautions

Stay Connected

Staying connected with your senior can be lifesaving! If your senior is home alone frequently or for long periods of time, be sure you are checking in with them often with phone call or video chats. Install a security camera in the home if you want to take extra safety measures for them.

Ask a Professional

Caregivers are an excellent option if you are looking for additional assistance to help keep your senior safe in their home. Brining in an experienced and trusted professional can give you the ultimate peace of mind! Plus, they can help with other household tasks, personal care assistance, and companionship.

Home Care Assistance of Carmel is here for you and your family every step of the way. For further guidance on creating a safer home for your senior, or to schedule a consultation, call one of our friendly Care Managers today!

Senior Walking in Colder Months

Tips for Seniors to Stay Active in the Winter

Here in Carmel, Indiana, winter is in full swing! A typical winter in the area includes cold temperatures, plenty of snowfall, and ice! Rather than viewing the season as a challenge to staying active, we’re going to help you embrace winter instead and look forward to new opportunities! Below, read through our favorite tips for seniors to stay active – even in the cold.

Stay Physically Active Whether You are Inside or Out!

Layer up with plenty of clothing and head outside anyway!

Who says that only warm weather can be enjoyed? Just because the temps are colder now doesn’t mean you can’t get outdoors! Bundle up for safety, add extra layers, make sure the sidewalks are clear and enjoy!

Go ahead and stay indoors. You can still get moving around your home!

If you’re a senior who just doesn’t prefer the cold, don’t worry! Stay inside instead and get active in your own home. Clear up a room and turn it into a home gym! Add workout equipment like a treadmill and weights to help with your physical activity. Or you can even do some cleaning around the house, like vacuuming, that is sure to make you sweat!

Being Active is Not Limited to Physical Activity.

Stay mentally sharp and play some games!

You don’t want to neglect your mental fitness this winter. Take care of your mind as well as body! Seniors can challenge their minds by playing board games, doing crossword puzzles, and working on other word games. These will help you stay sharp and stimulated!

Keep socially active!

Social activities and interaction are important factors, too. Whether virtually or in-person, by joining a club within the community, you can meet new people and build meaningful connections! Plus, if your new club or organization is fitness-focused, you get the added benefit of physical activity too!

We are always just a phone call away here at Home Care Assistance of Carmel. If you are looking for further guidance, reach out to our dedicated senior care team for more tips for seniors to stay active this winter. Give us a call or schedule a consultation today to learn more about our senior care services!