Three Ways for Seniors to Stay Mentally Fit at Home

There are numerous benefits of staying physically active and in shape, and we hear about the importance of fitting in daily activity all the time. But did you know that keeping your mind mentally fit is every bit as crucial? This is especially true for seniors in home care!

Good senior health is attributed to a functional and healthy mind. So, if you want your senior to give their brain a great workout, we have plenty of ideas for you! Below, you’ll find some of our favorite ways to strengthen your loved one’s mind.

Word and Number Puzzles and Games

It’s all fun and games! You know, the really popular games, like sudoku, word searches, and crossword puzzles! These games help your senior give their brain workout that’s all about critical thinking. Word games are an effective way to improve your senior’s vocabulary and increase their concentration. Mathematic games exercise the mental muscles and aid senior health by testing out numeric abilities and memory.

Drawing and Music

After some critical thinking, your senior can move on to exercising the creative parts of their brain. Seniors should be encouraged to explore the arts, like painting, drawing, and crafting! Perhaps they can sketch a tropical beach or build a home out of popsicle sticks to help them act on their creative impulses. Similarly, music makes a positive impact on senior health. Turning up the volume to some songs is proven to enhance a senior’s mood, produce more positive emotions, and increase both interest levels and communication.


Your senior loved one should also consider taking some time every once in a while a to open their mind and let it relax. Meditating is an excellent way to improve senior health and can help prevent feelings of nervousness and depression while warding off stress. Recentering the mind and inner self can help your senior work through any strong thoughts and feelings they may have. If your senior would like to learn how to meditate, a guided meditation is a great place to start! Visit this link for plenty of soothing guided meditations.

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At-Home Tours for Your Senior Loved One

We’re all doing our best to stay occupied while quarantining and practicing social distancing during this new age of COVID-19. As a result, businesses and organizations everywhere have been inventive to offer their services and experiences in a virtual way.


Tours are one of the experiences that are leading the way in popularity! You can now take a tour of a national park, an art museum, or a brewery – the perfect stay-at-home activity! Especially for senior citizens in elderly care.


Read below for our list of 5 virtual tours that your senior loved one will enjoy!


MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art

If you love art and you love the modern era, then you NEED to take a virtual tour of The Modern Museum of Art! Located in Manhattan, this museum was the first of its kind to showcase contemporary and modern art. MoMA offers paintings, film, sculpture, design, and more! You can virtually view the collections here:


National Parks

For nature lovers, there is no better tour than that of a national park! The National Park Service has made it so anyone can visit ANY of the national parks right on their phone or computer. You can even browse around tour historical sites in the parks.


Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium isn’t offering your average virtual tour… Instead, they’re giving us all TEN live streams! Watch in real-time and enjoy the aquatic wonders! Hang out with otters, jellyfish, stingrays, and so many other sea creatures. Access the live streams now here:


San Diego Zoo

As if sea creatures aren’t enough, you can also check in with other animals too at the San Diego Zoo! With tons of different live stream cameras, you can watch pandas, polar bears, penguins, and so much more in their habitats at the zoo. Watch the animals live here:



Have you always wanted to see the world’s many wonders? This is a great way to do it! Especially for Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England. Check out these tall-standing stones – each is around 13 feet high and weighs 25 tons!


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