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4 Longevity Secrets from a Famous Centenarian

bessecooper-blogOn December 4th, a remarkable woman by the name of Besse Brown Cooper passed away, ending her reign as the oldest living person on Earth at 116 years of age. Besse’s legacy is marked not only by the fact that she lived through three different centuries, but also by her extraordinary health; she never had any serious illnesses or ailments and in her final days only experienced minimal heart issues and deteriorated vision. Read more

Eldercare Thoughts … From the Experts

Our Top 10 Achievements of 2012

2012 has been a year full of exciting events, announcements and discoveries across the globe. Top stories included the U.S. Presidential Election, the Summer Olympics in London, the Facebook IPO and the identification of a rare gene mutation that protects against Alzheimer’s, a hopeful discovery.

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Trained, Screened Caregivers

Home Care Assistance performs rigorous screening to find the best, most reliable and caring caregivers available. You can choose a caregiver from among those who are best matched to your needs, thereby fostering deeper companionship, enhancing safety  and eliminating confusion.

10 Tips to Make the Holidays Merry and Bright!

If you have older friends or family members about whom you are concerned this holiday season, you can help them enjoy the December festivities more by following these ten simple suggestions: Read more

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